Your Experience

Bird in Flight Photography is a boutique style photography studio, and takes on limited clients each month in order to best serve you. We offer a number of unique and high quality photographic products, from thick page albums to beautiful canvases and photos mounted on wood. Although we offer digital images and recognize their usefulness in our lives, our mission is to ensure that you will not only love your photographs, but enjoy them every day – something that just can’t be done with digital images that often get left in a drawer on a disc or sit on your computer.

In the Beginning

Once you view our images and check out the initial info on the website, contact us via email or phone so we can begin the process

It Starts

After your initial contact, we discuss all of your needs over email, phone, Skype, or in person to make sure we are the best fit for you


It’s a match? Great! We have you pay your retainer and sign all the paperwork to get you on the books.

Now the fun begins!

After you are booked, we begin designing your session around your needs, whether that’s discussing wardrobe for your family session or planning the color palette of a newborn session. We also go over how you plan on enjoying your art, as this allows us to shoot for your product and streamlines the process. Want an album? Fabulous! I will plan on designing one as soon as your session is completed for us to review at your image reveal. Love canvases? I will be sure to capture images that would fit well on a canvas and will be the perfect centerpiece in your home.

The reveal

About a week after your session, we meet either in the studio, over coffee, or in your home to go over all the best images from your session and finalize your portrait order.

Photos in hand!

Depending on the products you ordered, anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks after your image reveal we will meet one final time for you to receive your order.